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'Dedayo - Unity Anthem

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Fast-Rising Singer, 'Dedayo comes through with another chart-topping single titled "Unity Anthem". 

As the Nation experiences hate speeches and agitation for the creation of Biafra, 'Dedayo sends a strong message through "Unity Anthem" imploring all to close ranks and come together as we celebrate 57 Years of Independence. He is assisted on the song by fellow vocalists, Ayo, Toro, Niel and Elijah as they all pass the message of Unity and Togetherness.

 "The storm can only make the Eagle Stronger!"

 The song “Unity Anthem” is embedded with a strong message for unity and oneness and coming at a time when the country celebrates its 57th Independence. It is a must listen as the Nation celebrates 57 Years of Independence.

5 Lessons Upcoming Artistes Need To Learn From Wizkid - Latest9ja

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Wizkid, the biggest African artiste has gone through a lot, the hustles and struggles. Here we draw out 5 lessons upcoming aristes can learn from him.

The race to make it big in the entertainment is indeed an uphill task. Everyone wants to be a one-hit wonder and blow immediately just like Humblesmith. Several challenges abound for upcoming artistes especially for those without a record label. Dropping singles every month, collaborating with other artistes on joint tracks, performing for a meagre pay at shows/concerts, appealing to streets and radio DJs to play your song, settling the bloggers who will publicize your brand, it's really a long way to stardom. Wizkid was in those shoes too even though he started early as Lil Prinz at the age of 11, he was in the category of 'legendary hustlers' as he was a studio rat together with Siri(remember him in Ojuelegba?) in the famous MoDogg studio. However, Wizkid's ascension from an upcoming artiste to arguably Africa's best exploit to the world is extraordinary yet surprising. Wizkid has broken and set new records in the industry. He's the perfect example to follow. Virtually everyone wants to be like the Starboy. However, before you begin your journey, these are lessons to learn from the Baba Nla;

1. Work hard: Wizkid's first album is a must have for every upcoming artiste. No wonder it ranks high among the best albums in Nigeria. The album is detailed with the struggles Wizkid faced while he was an upcoming artiste, how people scorned him then but wanted to associate when he had made it. Especially in Oluwa Loni and Wad Up, he revealed how he used to wear one shirt, one jean, hustling on the streets, hoping to meet a benefactor one day. He did free shows, went to studios before OJB took interest in him and he eventually laid the chorus on M.I's track, "fast money, fast cars". As an upcoming artiste, never rest on your oars, greatness is not achieved in a day.
Wizkid working with TY dollarsign

2. Networking: Relationships with people don't happen immediately. you have to meet with people who are friends with them just to be close with them. Wizkid would definitely have networked his way to meeting OJB Jezreel. OJB was one of the major producers back then due to his relationship with 2face and the whole of Kennis Music. Even now, Wizkid is still networking. Skepta referred Wizkid to Drake, his relationship with TY Dollarsign granted him a  feature with Future and they're already on tour. Upcoming artistes, learn to network with influential people in the entertainment industry. Theindustry is a wide place, there are a lot of people to network with. Make friends with the big players in the industry.
Wizkid and Future

3. Leave your Comfort Zone: The man would leave his family and cling unto his wife and they shall become one. Who remembers this saying? Well, one of the reasons why Wizkid is at the top of the game right now is because he decided it was time to establish his own franchise. It was time to leave the local terrain. Wizkid might have never had that kind of international exposure if he was still under EME. Could have remained local like Davido. His decision to stand alone gave him the opportunity to surf the globe, trying to gain some international connect. That's why Kiss Daniel and Reekado are finding it hard under their labels because they can't make their decisions alone, kind of like been controlled.
Wizkid and Banky W during his upcoming years

4. Evolve Constantly: Wizkid never started out as an afro-beat artiste, he was actually doing some lovey-dovey songs and RnB. This was evident in his superstar album. Only few had a little afro-beat sounds. But after a period of self-discovery, he tapped into the world of afro-beat with Jaiye Jaiye and since assumed the post of the "New King Of Afro-Beat" . He replaced Sam Klef as his official producer. Upcoming artistes should never fail to explore, don't just streamline your music to only one genre, evolve, tweak your sound and let your fans feel your versatility.

Producer, Sam klef and Wizkid

5. Develop A Wonderful Relationship With The Fans: One thing that stood Wizkid out when he was an upcoming artiste was that he had a wonderful relationship with the fans. That has been helping him in his career. Maybe that's why he's the most followed Nigerian on Twitter. He interacts well with them, preaches goodwill messages, makes them laughs(who remembers when he cooked watery indomie and posted it on snapchat?), drops hints of songs to be released and he's also generous.
So, upcoming artistes, it's left to you. To make it in the entertainment industry is an uphill task. You have to be unique and extraordinary. You have to please the fans as they're your customers, they're the ones who will buy your songs and promote it as well. Your music has to appeal to them. You need God as well as a good record label and management. Or else you can blow and eventually unblow like Ice Prince.
Apart from these reasons, what else do you think we can learn from Wizkid? Have your say in the comments box.

  • Otolorin Olabode is a creative and an amazing content writer. He's a contributor to Huffington Post, YNaija, and Omojuwa He can be reached via Email: and also through +2348064717949

ASUU Strike: 5 Reasons Why ASUU Might Not Cancel The Strike - Latest9ja

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ASUU might definitely not cancel the strike due to some reasons. Here, Latest9ja outlines some of those reasons.

ASUU chairman, Biodun Ogunyemi
From left: Former President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Prof. Nasir Isa; President of ASUU, Biodun Ogunyemi; and the Vice President, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, at a news conference

Week in, week out, Nigerian students want to hear this good news: Hurray! ASUU has called off the strike. Especially the final year students. We hear of an ASUU meeting every Friday night but nothing positive comes out of it, the strike still continues. Buhari came back, they have not canceled it, Osinbajo will lead FG's delegation, still yet nothing. However, it seems these lecturers just wants us to have a fun time with this strike
I know you all would be mad at me for this article. But can't you see that there are just some reasons that are hidden from the public. Everyone has a skeleton, difference is where you keep your skeleton. See, the last indefinite strike was 6months. So, this one promises to be bigger, better and more longer, trust me. However, there might be reasons why ASUU hasn't called off the strike yet apart from the 2013 memorandum reasons they gave. These might be the reasons;

1.ASUU wants you to hustle and make money:
If you are like me who hates collecting pocket money and wants to be self-reliant, Voila! This ASUU strike is for us. Time to take advantage. That's how I saw one big girl in church collecting "Owo offering"(offering money) in church yesterday. Damn! And you call yourself "slay mama??"
See, this strike is a blessing in disguise for real-time hustlers. Hustlers don't sleep when others are sleeping. They work throughout the night, they take a nap in the morning and wake up later to continue their hustle. Before you start thinking about "yahoo", there are a lot of jobs you can do. ASUU wants the students to feel the pain of the working class, whether it's a factory job, sales girl, nanny. Just go and do one. You can also work at the restaurant where you can help them in washing plates. At least you'll earn money.

Indian with his cattle
A catlle herder leading his flock

2. ASUU wants you to watch the 2018 World Cup at home
So, I made the calculation, If ASUU cancels the strike by December/January. We would resume in January and finish the session by May. Wow, good news coupled with the 3 Months break. The World Cup runs from June to July. And since we all love to watch the World Cup with the whole fam, ASUU has made it easier for us. It won't be nice having exams on the day Nigeria would be playing one big country, let's say Brazil . Some people will abandon their exams to watch that match. Trust me.

Maracana stadium in Brazil

3. ASUU wants students to learn a new skill
A lot of students after every 2nd semester spend at least 3 months for the holiday. They do nothing. They stay at home. Watch TV series, attend Owambe parties. ASUU knows. ASUU also acknowledges that majority of the current crop of graduates are unemployed. Still, students don't want to be self-reliant. Every quarter the NBS(Nigerian Bureau of Statistics) release a report of the economy, the inflation rate and the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate keeps increasing majorly due to company downsizing their workforce or SMEs folding up. The Management students know this. But, most of them will still post "slay" photos on IG, go to clubs/elegushi Beach on Friday, Owambe parties on Saturday. Peeps, this is the time to be productive. I, especially have undertaken two online digital marketing courses with certificates awarded. If you can't learn a skill(maybe due to cost of training), go online, there are free courses to learn, don't waste time!
Laptop, Phone, Notepad and Coffee

4.ASUU wants you to learn from your parents.
This is for boys who don't know how to cook and particularly the girls who oversalt the food they give us as cooler ministry. Use your data to watch some tutorial videos. Learn how to cook sumptuous meals not just the regular.  Rack up knowledge during this Strike, learn how to fix devices and appliances especially when they get spoilt. And also for most of you who don't like to run errands for your parents, this is pay back time. ASUU is trying to humble most of you and since you know God resist the proud and give grace to the humble you better succumb.
Father and Son playing

Lastly, ASUU wants you to Gain More Experience Through Internship
Students at home, it's not until you're in 300L/400L or your course only qualifies you for FPY? Well, this ASUU strike is a window of opportunity for you to gain more experience by applying for internship at any firm. Just tell them "I'm Johnny Bravo, a student of....seeking for internship at..."
I mailed one of the prominent media firms in Nigeria for internship and the reply I got was there was no space but they could create space for me if I could bring something different on the table. Been a smart lad, I went to their website/social media platforms to identify the loopholes they had, and with my content creation skills, I was asked to start work with immediate effect. Students at least if it is at Iya Risikat Boutique where you would be a sales girl, please go and do it. It would add to your CV.

Man in suit and tie

  • Otolorin Olabode is a creative and an amazing content writer. He's a contributor to Huffington Post, YNaija, and Omojuwa He can be reached via Email: and also through +2348064717949

Princess Kate Is Pregnant With Her Third Child - Latest9ja

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  Princess Kate and Prince Charles are expecting their third child, Kensington Palace has announced. 

Prinncess Kate with Prince Charles
Princess Kate and Prince Charles, Duke of Cambridge, stand with their baby daughter, Charlotte outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, in London, Britain May 2, 2015. (Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)

  As the world reeled from news from North Korea with its bomb threat, news emerged from the Kensington Palace that Princess Kate Middleton, wife of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles is pregnant with a third child. The queen and both families are reportedly happy with the news.

However, Princess Kate is down with hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness which also affected her during her previous two pregnancies. The princess who is also the Duchess of Cambridge has cancelled her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London today.
The royal couple who have already produced two children — and possible heirs to the throne — the one son, George, and one daughter, Charlotte, aged four and two.
The expectant child if it is a girl, will become the fifth in line to the throne behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

This is due to a change in the royal law - which stops royal sons taking precedence over their female siblings in the line of succession - came into force in March 2015.
The child will be the Queen's sixth great-grandchild.

Unfortunately, to become King or Queen as the third-born royal child is rare - and has yet to happen within the current House of Windsor.
However, the third child of George III and Queen Charlotte, William IV, took on the task and ruled from 1830 to 1837.
The Hanoverian king acceded to the throne aged 64 when his older brother, George IV, died without an heir.
He became next in line when he was 62 and his other older brother, Frederick, Duke of York, died.

Prime Minister, Theresa May has congratulated the couple, calling it a "fantastic news."

Nigerian Producer Sarz: The Brain Behind Wizkid's Hit Tracks - Latest9ja

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Sarz; The Legendary Hit Maker

Nigerian Producer, Sarz In Nike

Sarz, fondly caled O1S, an acronym that stands for Only 1 Sarz is a Nigerian Producer and beat maker whose talent stands out from the vast majority of producers that exist nationwide. Known with several artistes, he has produced for Olamide, Reminisce, Patoranking, Banky W, JahBless and lately Wizkid. His relationship with Wizkid dates back to 2012 when EME released their first studio album and Sarz produced an hit single off the album titled "Dance For Me" which featured the Starboy.  Few months later, Wizkid paid a visit to Sarz's studio where he recorded "Beat of Life" which topped charts and gained rave reviews from fans who fell in love with the afro-beat track. Later on, Sarz produced arguably the best song of 2013, Jaiye Jaiye which featured Femi Kuti. An afro-beat song, Wizkid did enough justice to the song with fans scoring it a high. In 2015, after the success of his sophomore album, Ayo, Wizkid released a single titled Sound It which was produced by Sarz. Typical like all other Wizkid songs, Sound It was also majorly afro-beat. It is safe to say that Sarz seems to be the only producer on the continent who understands what Wizkid truly wants in the afro-beat genre.

 In 2016, Wizkid started to record his third studio album, Sounds From The Other Side. With the help of Efya and Dj Maphorisa, they all began to work for this major project, Wizkid, Sarz and DJ Maphorisa were all accorded production credits on the best song in 2016, One Dance. It was rumoured back in Nigeria when an affiliate of Wizkid, Seyi Shay said in an interview that Wizkid sold One Dance to Drake. She further alleged that Wizkid recorded One Dance with the help of other producers which included Sarz. Apart from One Dance, Sarz also produced the smash hit, Come Closer which featured Canadian Rapper, Drake. Sarz's exploits cannot go unnoticed as he is responsible for Wizkid's switch from the regular afro-beat to the modern day Caribbean Sound. Wizkid's First Song in 2017, sweet love was also produced by the legendary producer.The track to which had been billed for release since 2016 was eventually released as Wizkid's first song off his record deal with RCA records. It is safe to say that of all songs Wizkid has released in 2016-2017, Sarz is responsible for 65% of the total output!

5 Interesting Reasons Why Suya Is Prepared In The Evening

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Suya is a Northern Nigerian delight that has become a delicacy that is consumed all over the country. It knows no ethnicity, no religion and no tribe. This said, one thing you may have observed is that this street food is usually prepared in the evening. Why not in the morning or afternoon? Well, whoever, decided to kick off the preparation of Suya in the evening must be a genius because the marketing strategy is working. You find Nigerians buying Suya at this time. Accordingly, Latest9ja  shares 5 reasons why Suya is prepared in the evening.

A suya seller preparing the meat 

It more attractive in the evening

When you returning from in the evening and you see the mallam or Aboki the fire of the suya blazing in the very busy or hectic evening. There is no way you will not be attracted or tempted to buy. Even when you didn’t plan to buy, you will.

It is when Nigerians hang out and relax

It is in the evening that most Nigerians hang out and relax. That is when they are close from work. Some don’t go home straight away. They hang out at your favourite hotel bar in Lagos with friends, and if there is a Suya spot around, they buy. If you setup in the afternoon, very few people will patronise you. You will be forced to move your suya business to the evening.

It is very tasty at that time

suya is very tasty normally. But there is no way you can compare afternoon suya with evening suya, they are not mates. The warm evening weather, the stress of work and traffic all combine to make you savour the taste of suya. It is very yummier!!!

The Aboki has other businesses he runs during the day

The Aboki or mallam preparing the suya has other businesses he runs during the day. He doesn’t survive on making suya alone. Some of the things he may likely be doing during the day include shoemaking, tailoring and barbing among others.

It is just weird or unusual to see morning or afternoon Suya

It is just weird and unusual for you to see suya being prepared in the morning or afternoon. You are already used to it in the evenings. Don’t be surprised if some Nigerians think that you are doing something fishy by preparing suya during the day. They will not even close near such a suya.

5 ways to maximize your time at NYSC camp

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), an organization set up by the Nigerian government since 1973 to ensure Nigerian students give a mandatory one-year service upon graduation, recently issued out call-up letters to certain individuals who have qualified to join the last batch for the year. However, while these individuals are much elated to get the opportunity, seeing as completing the service year entitles one to employment, a number of them are perturbed as to how to cope with the three weeks “orientation” period spent in a military-controlled boot “camp” away from family and friends. Jumia Travel, therefore, suggests 7 ways prospective youth corpers can maximize their time at the NYSC camp.

A group of coppers 

Join the OBS

The Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) is a great way to serve while in the camp. A very important unit of the camp, it will offer you opportunities to not only develop your editorial and media skills, you will get to know the key officers in the camp. It also gives you a measure of authority and allows you to get an exemption from some of the camp activities which you may be averse to.

Run a small business

You can actually make money while at the orientation camp. You can offer services such as hair dressing or laundry to others in the camp who need them for a fee or you can rent a stall at the Mami market and sell food items which most corpers need from day to day. It is a great way to hone your business skills before you are launched into the labour market.

Do an online course

The orientation period does not have to be all activities and socializing, you can further develop yourself on the side by registering and going through a short online course during your stay. The good thing about online learning is that it is flexible so you can actually plan it around the time that you will be leaving the camp.

Socialize and actually meet new people

The NYSC scheme was originally established to encourage oneness among citizens in the country and promote national unity. By sending these individuals to other states, the expectation is that they mix with people of other tribes, social and family backgrounds and learn the culture of the indigenes in the place they are posted. Rather than sticking to yourself all through the orientation process, use your spare time to actually fraternize and get to know the people in your platoon and camp as a whole. You would be surprised how many new things you will learn about Nigeria and what connections you may make for the future.

Start applying for jobs

The orientation period is not too early a time to start sending out your CVs to potential employers. The NYSC orientation can actually serve as an avenue for corpers to share job information and career resources, so take advantage of that and start early.